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Caffe Medici

Welcome to my first official blog post for ATXCoffeeReview! For those of you who have followed me on Instagram, you are well aware that this is not my first time at the rodeo. I have been blogging fairly consistently on that platform for about a year now and have finally established a space to create more in-depth reviews of coffee shops around Austin. If you're new to my blog, feel free to check out my Instagram, peruse my previous reviews and read my story on why I created the blog.

Caffe Medici is open 7 a.m.-10 p.m.

Caffe Medici is open 7 a.m.-10 p.m.

For my first blog review, I have decided on Caffe Medici on Guadalupe Street. Caffe Medici has a few other locations on South Lamar, the Austonian, West Lynn, and their newest shop on 8th and Congress.

"I usually go to the location off of West Lynn," said Curtis Overstreet, a frequent patron of Caffe Medici. "But sometimes it's nice to come to this location in the mornings because I love being able to look outside from the second floor and see all the hustle and bustle below me."

This particular location is pretty limited when it comes to parking, but because it is across the street from The University of Texas at Austin their main customers, UT students, are able to walk to the shop. However, if you would like to drive to Caffe Medici there is limited paid street parking in the surrounding area, as well as a paid parking garage behind the Co-op a few stores down. 

View of the shop from the second floor.

View of the shop from the second floor.

The inside of the shop is two stories with plenty of room for customers to sit, drink their coffee and chat with friends or work on homework. The majority of the tables are for parties of two, but upstairs there are a few big tables for larger parties.

"I like to take my study groups here," said Sarah Jarrel, a psychology student at The University of Texas at Austin. "The atmosphere is perfect for working on projects because there is room for everyone and it's not too loud."

Morning light shining in on my cappuccino.

Morning light shining in on my cappuccino.

Caffe Medici also provides various pastries and beer for those wanting a little more than just a coffee. This morning, I ordered a gluten-free peanut butter Bobo's Oat Bar in addition to my cappuccino.

Hours: Monday-Sunday: 7 a.m.-10 p.m.

Customers: A mix of young college students and working professionals.

Music: This morning Caffe Medici was playing soothing classical music, perfect for a studious environment. 

Wifi/Outlets: It was very difficult for me to connect to the wifi and in the past has caused me many frustrations in situations where I was in a time crunch. I would suggest bringing a personal hotspot. As for the outlets, there are a good amount of them in the shop but definitely not near enough for everyone when the shop is packed. I would recommend coming with your computer fully charged or work on assignments that don't need electronics.

Cool Extras: Caffe Medici's downtown location is open for event reservations! For more information, click here.