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Cause Kups

Keeping myself energized this week with Doing Good Work’s Cause Cup Cold Brew coffee! This week is killer with all my exams coming up, but I’ve really loved having these on-the-go cold brews to keep me focused throughout the day. Unlike some cold brew coffees, Cause Cups does an amazing job of minimizing bitterness in the cold brew so that you’re able to drink it on its own easily! I also love this brand because their products are single-sourced and is a part of the benefit corporation Doing Good Works. 

With every purchase from Cause Cups, some of the proceeds will go towards training and employing people from foster care who can no longer be helped by the foster care system. After doing some research, I’ve learned from my friend @thehonestconsumer that “foster youth experience a lot of instability while in the foster care system. When individuals age out of the system options are limited. Many foster youth end up in jail or homeless, but Doing Good Works is on a mission to change that! Doing Good Works provides direction and purpose for these individuals by training and employing these at-risk youth. They have designed curriculum to guide and mold the mindsets of those coming out of foster care. Recently, they partnered with two former Navy Seals to provide positive role models and engage the youth in training. Beyond training, youth receive text messages and e-mails with positive messages to reinforce what they have been learning. Once the individual has completed training, they are assessed and placed in a job best fit for their skills. Positions include customer service, sales, packaging, and more."

I think it is amazing that buying coffee, something that I do EVERY DAY, could help even just one person build a better life for themselves. And when the coffee is as good as Cause Cups, it’s very easy to do! For more information on Cause Cups and their Benefit Corporation, AND on how to order coffee, check out their websites : &

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