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Elaine's Pork and Pie

Aaaaand I'm back! Now, I know what all you true Austinites must be wondering, "where can I get delicious tacos, queso, barbecue, AND coffee, all in one place? Does such a thing even exist??" Well, look no further because I have found it. Elaine's Pork and Pie, while it is predominately a restaurant, brews up some amazing coffee as well. It is located on Manor road, right across the street from Thunderbird Coffee and directly next to East Side Cafe. They have two parking lots, one out front and one in the back!

Hours: M-S 11:15am-4pm

What I Ordered: Ice coffee, chips and queso, and two pork tacos and my roommate ordered a soda, a pulled pork sandwich, and a buttermilk pie!

Customers: A mostly young adults and young families!

Atmosphere: Mainly a place to eat and converse with friends, but you can do work if you'd like to as well! 

Wifi/Power Outlets: There IS wi-fi and plugs here so you can bring a laptop or any other electronic advice here! 

Cool Extras: Out behind the shop is a huge vegetable garden! Make sure to check it out when you visit!