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Fourteen Eighteen Coffeehouse

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Hope you all had a great one and hope all of you got out and supported a local business today!! Because I'm in Dallas this weekend for the holiday, my review today is over Fourteen Eighteen Coffeehouse in Plano! This coffee shop has many different ways to order coffee, including three different pour-over methods and a whole variety of teas for those tea lovers out there! Fourteen Eighteen is situated in the historical downtown Plano square, along with many other eateries including Urban Crust. There is very little parking out front, but there is plenty of free parking on the street and around the square. The inside is a mixture of bright colors and dark wood, with lots of couches and several other eclectic seating arrangements and decorations, like hanging window panes from the ceiling. 

Hours: Mon-Thurs 8am-6pm; Sat 8am-10pm; Sun **CLOSED**

Music: A mixture of a lot of things, mostly indie music, but the music is pretty quiet to where you can't quite hear most of it. But I did hear some Band of Horses!

What I Ordered: I had a clever pour over a cup of coffee. Honestly one of the best cups of pour-over I have ever had! 

Customers: A mix of students and young parents!

Baristas: I'm actually friends with one of the baristas here coincidentally!😊 

Atmosphere: This coffee shop is more for just hanging out because it has more social seating than tables to study at, but definitely still a good place to get work done at!

Plugs/Wifi: I didn't see too many plugs, but the wifi is locked and very fast!

Cool Extras: They sell a couple of different flavors of pie from the delicious, local shop Emporium Pies!😋😋 

Just a heads up! I'll be doing reviews in Austin for the next two weeks, but I'll be back in Dallas for a month during the holidays! (With maybe one weekend in Tennessee, but we'll see😏)