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Reviews of Austin coffee shops. Follow my Instagram account.

Houndstooth Coffee - Downtown

My next review is of the Houndstooth on Congress! This coffee shop sells and brews a number of different coffee beans, including from the roasters Counter Culture Coffee, Intelligentsia Coffee, along with their own, Tweed Coffee. This Houndstooth sits in the lobby of the infamous Frost Bank building on Congress. With only a short walk to the state capitol, you can take your coffee to go if you want to sight see! There is very little parking because it is downtown, so be prepared to fight for street parking or try to find a parking garage nearby. If you'd like to take the bus the 801 and 803 Rapid drop off very close to the shop!😊 I usually try to park at the state capitol visitors parking garage because it is a bit cheaper. Though, this option does involve quite a bit more walking--consider yourself warned!

Hours: Mon-Fri 6:30am-7pm; Sat & Sun 8am-5pm

Music: When I was in the shop they were playing some 50s/60s oldie music. Very soothing.

What I Ordered: An iced Japanese coffee! I definitely recommend ordering this. Not only is it fantastic, but it is also really cool to watch them make it in front of you! However, it does take a few minutes to make because they make it almost like how you would make tea, so it's not something I would get if you're in a rush.

Customers: A lot of business people frequent this shop because it is in the middle of downtown and in the Frost Bank tower, but there are usually always some younger adults ordering coffee here as well.

Baristas: Clean cut and hip. They are also extremely kind and friendly. Very fun people to have a conversation with.

Atmosphere: Again, because it's in an office building it has a more business feel to it, yet it is close enough to Sixth Street that it still is kind of laid back at the same time. I find it a good place to study or work during the day.

Cool Extras: They sell a lot of coffee equipment and coffee beans by the pound for those of you who want to try making your own pour over coffee at home!